Superbody ‘Patricia’

There are certain instances when, walking down the street/up the stairs/into a cornerstore, I feel a buzz in my back pocket. I reach in, whip out my detachable limb/soul-extension that is so ambiguously/endearingly known as a portable electronic device, and get sucked into the invisible/omnipresent cloud. Many a metre-by-metre-geotrackable-thumb-click later, I resurface, having miraculously arrived at my desired location despite having had environmental cues only comprising approximately 15% of my visual input (the other 85% being dominated by the dazzling, infinitely scrollable aesthetic pleasures). Upon glancing up, re-positioning the foreign intelligence body in its  aptly-sized pocket, and reacquainting myself with the physical world, I recognize the far-reaching reign of our almighty cyber sovereignty- the productivity-spurred hegemony that enraptures clickety-heeled businessmen, thumb-sucking toddlers, and freshly-worldly cap-donning twentisomethings far more than seeing the moon on the horizon on a particularly clear afternoon or hearing a chorus of sinusoidally-synced rust-donned bicycle chains sing alongside their respective riders.

But fear not, fellow granola-crunchers –  Superbody have arisen, a geographically unshackled self-ascribed internet band who wield this potentially destructive yet ultimately powerful cyber-punch to electrify the creative process. They have found the on/off switch. They employ the cloud’s timezone-transgressing omnipotent abilities quite selectively, leaving their sequentially-stepped process in the intriguing recluses of the offline world. They exploit the computer’s ability to form evermore expanding, endless catalogues, dipping into otherwise unexplorable 80s biomes to find paints of the past for artworks of the future. They highlight the potential democracy of the internet age, praising home production, unprecedented paths of PR, and multi-medium conceptual manifestations.

Plug into pop duo Superbody’s forward-punching ‘Patricia.’

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