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I am so busy at the moment. I wanted to find a clever quote on busyness but when I googled it loads of quotes from Kourtney Kardashian and Demi Lovato came up – I’m sure they are great people but they aren’t quite on parr with someone like Albert Einstein or Maya Angelou. The reason I am busy is because I am going to Finland on Thursday to see two wonderful people get married, and therefore I have to squeeze my five-day workload into three – not to mention that I am also playing at the wedding, so need to practice, and pack, and find someone to look after the cat, and buy an adaptor… No stress though. I have just got to get it done and that is literally the only way I will get to the bottom of my to do list. In other words, I’m okay. Which brings me on to today’s Track Of The Day, which is an exclusive premiere of Glass Peak’s latest single ‘I’m Okay‘ (do u c wot i did ther?). Sporting a refreshed line-up, the Kent up-and-comers return to the frontline as a trio, unleashing the powerful and emotive single in the midst of their busy festival season. Featuring raucous riffs and delicate harmonies, the track is driven by a rousing rhythm section leading to the wall-of-sound climax the band is fast becoming synonymous for. Feverish and fiery, this is an essential listen for anyone who has said ‘I’m okay’ and not really meant it. Enjoy.

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