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L.A. Mood ‘Lil’ Ditty’

It’s official – Microsoft Paint is getting the axe in their next update. Cue the sound of a thousand 20-somethings wailing in disbelief. Sure, Paint was kind of shitty, but it had its charms? Most of us didn’t use the somewhat clunky software to create actual art (not on this scale at least), but it proved extremely useful for a quick copy and paste jobby when needed. It also formed the basis of many a hastily put together school project, with ‘airbrushed’ stars and wobbly shapes concealing myriad spelling mistakes and half-arsed research. Children of the 80’s and 90’s will look back on Paint with a rosy fondness, and a kind of reverence as we pay our respects to all the Mothers’ Day cards and school fête posters of years gone by. Things were simpler then. The internet existed, but not in most households, and it we certainly didn’t carry it everywhere in our pockets – schoolyard jibes and taunts stayed there and were forgotten – we didn’t fear the appearance of an embarrassing Snapchat photo or upsetting Facebook comments. Anyway, nostalgic software being axed, your favourite TV show being cancelled, and that one flattering lipstick being discontinued is part and parcel of everyday life unfortunately, which forms the basis of the new EP ‘Crushing Highs and Amazing Lows‘ from L.A. Mood AKA multi-instrumentalist David Mudie. Having toured with the likes of Courtney Barnett on drums, Mudie launched his solo career with four tracks of slacker rock realness, including a bluesy number called ‘Lil’ Ditty‘. With irony-laden tack piano tinkling away above waltzing guitar chords, Mudie’s louchely chanted vocal evokes drunken saloon singalongs and long periods of self reflection. Enjoy.

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