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Katie Von Schleicher ‘Midsummer’

So I survived my radio interview…and dare I say, I had fun? I’ve done radio interviews before, but never on my own, so I was a little nervous to begin with. This has actually turned into a week of firsts, as my first printed article was published in Croco Magazine, and yesterday I was able to walk into a newsagents, pick up the magazine and leaf through the contents page to see my name. Still slightly sticky from the printers, nonchalantly thumbing through the pages to find my articles was a pivotal moment for me – I have always dreamed of my writing being printed in a magazine, and I couldn’t be happier about it. The funny thing about achieving a goal is that you have to come up with something new very soon afterwards – this is something I’m working on (maybe another published article this year? Two? Three?). Anyway, I’m glad to have met this personal target for the year halfway through summer…not that you’d know it from the weather in London today, its pretty bloody cold. In a very inelegant segue (I’m tired leave me alone), today’s Track Of The Day is ‘Midsummer‘, the latest offering from lo-fi alt-popper Katie Von Schleicher, taken from her upcoming album ‘Shitty Hits‘. In her signature wavering vocal, Schleicher examines the toxic effect we can have on other people, singing ‘I miss the way you tolerate me’ over a bed of detuned vintage piano, campy glockenspiel, and distorted drums. With retro timbres providing a kitschy juxtaposition to Schleicher’s dark lyrics, this track is made to make the listener feel a deep sense of unease, and is anything but shitty. Enjoy.

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