Melina Mae ‘Time Off Work’

I’m only going on the bloody radio tonight aren’t I? That’s right, your resident recluse is going to be talking about the very best of this blog’s music tonight on Soho Radio, as part of Killing Moon’s takeover this week. I’m not saying I’m not going to try my best, but we all know this isn’t going to go well don’t we? I find talking to one person exhausting at the best of times let alone talking to Soho Radio’s 200,000 monthly listeners…regardless, I am genuinely looking forward to blasting the tracks I talk about everyday over the airwaves. Here’s another one for you – Melina Mae’s (AKA Jay Som) ‘Time Off Work‘, a stunningly hazy three minutes of lo-fi crunch and digital interference from the bedroom pop artist. An ode to wasted days and depression naps, Mae’s lyrics are devastatingly candid as she sings ‘you shake to come then stare at the ceiling in despair‘. With her hazy vocal distorted by woozy synths and unsettling falsetto, detuned trumpets glide almost painfully above the jagged mix creating a dramatic crescendo. Enjoy.

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