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HEAVY HEART ‘Fruitfly’

Let’s be honest: we all miss the nineties. Saved By The Bell, chunky highlights, and the faint sense of impending doom as the West planted a Moon-shoe clad foot firmly in the Middle East and fucked everything up for everyone. The nineties were also good because, at no point during the nineties, was I over the age of 6, which means I didn’t have to deal with grown up things like washing my own clothes and buying groceries. As my generation have reached adulthood and found ourselves becoming the cultural tastemakers, the nineties has come back in a big way, with pool sliders on the catwalk, 90’s cartoon memes all over our Instagrams, and chokers on the neck of every it-girl (and shit-girl, let’s be real). More relevantly to this blog, nostalgia for the decade of our childhoods has manifested in music, through the revival of grunge, the sampling of old school RnB, and riot grrrl-esque punk, infiltrating the airwaves with all the class of a toothless Liam Gallagher in a Munich hotel punch up (I know that happened in 2002, don’t @ me). Whilst many bands risk sounding like a pastiche of their forebears, there are a few bands like HEAVY HEART, who take the gritty best of this time period and mix it up with entirely modern songwriting and production techniques. Their latest single ‘Fruitfly‘ is a perfect example of this; with a mesmerisingly sugary vocal and chorussed guitars that cascade like a waterfall around the pounding drums, this track does grunge in the most graceful way. Elegant songwriting and subtly dissonant harmonies separate HEAVY HEART from throwback artists, cementing their place as a truly exciting new indie band. Enjoy.

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