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‘Runs and Rides’  is a sleek turn of chunky inventive rhythm structures, a cool percussive vocal melody, and a sheen on top of reverbed guitar jabs and synth menace’ – B3Sci

‘Midnight menacing electronic pop music’ – Breaking More Waves

‘Expect a bright future for her’ – Hilly Dilly

‘If you are a fan of Lorde, you will absolutely love [her]’ – Colour Me Music


Born in Doncaster, brought up in Australia, and now living in Hackney, frontwoman Bryony Parker has had anything but a conventional life. The 21-year-old musician said her goodbyes to her family in Australia and bought a one way ticket to England to focus on her music career and she hasn’t looked back since.

Captivated by Marina and the Diamond’s honesty and Arcade Fire’s unconventional lyricism, Parker’s music likewise incorporates thoughtfully honed concepts into innovative cut-and-paste collages of fractured pop. Her music evokes a sense of not truly belonging to one specific place, and takes inspiration from her life in a rural Australian town, and the juxtaposition between this and the lavish lifestyles of her boarding school friends.

Parker speaks about the centrality of nostalgia, of curious young hearts’ ephemerality in relation to her new track:

“Runs and Rides as a phrase, conjures up ideas of escapism for me. As a child it was riding my bike around these bumpy small town backstreets and then as a teenager, it was speeding around in cars with the music turned up loud, driving nowhere in particular…we’d sneak out on the weekends and drive around, go to parties, drink on the beach, fall in love. I just really romanticise those years in my head, so I wanted to capture them…it all feels so much more exciting the first time around.”


‘Runs & Rides’ is out now via Killing Moon and premiered via B3Sci.



Photos courtesy of Sofia Sallons 

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