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Micah P. Hinson ‘Oh, Spaceman’

Watching videos of yourself when you were a kid is the strangest feeling. My parents dug some home movies out of the loft recently, and sent me a clip of myself at two years old, playing with talcum powder on the floor. The time stamp says that the year is 1996, but I look pretty much exactly the same as I did twenty-one years ago – same round face, same hooded eyes, and nearly the same haircut. My voice did take me by surprise though; squeaky and high pitched like any two year old. How can that voice belong to me?! What was going through my head when I poured talcum powder all over the floor to replicate snow? I had the same feeling when I saw a video of my boyfriend at around the same age – how much of that two year old do we retain in our psyche in later life? Pop psychologists often talk about the ‘inner child’, but I wonder to what extent any of us really connect with that side of ourselves. Maybe we should all regularly do something to pacify that inner child now and then – whether it’s spending an hour colouring in, hunting for pretty seashells on the beach, or watching talcum powder fall like snow onto a freshly cleaned floor. Today’s Track Of The Day comes from folk troubadour Micah P. Hinson, who in his latest single ‘Oh, Spaceman‘ focusses less on the child inside, but more the child outside – namely his newborn son Wiley Tex. With grainy blues-inspired guitar, the recording is full of the homely noises of recording; guitar scrapes, background hiss, and the sound of a baby crying in another room. As the track progress Hinson’s earthy vocal is lifted by the rich harmonies of strings and harmonicas, which when used together, give the track a suitably otherworldly feel. Enjoy.

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