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People Like You ‘Thumbnail’

Lately I have been listening to a lot of really good music. That might seem like a complete non-statement considering I work at a record label, but you would be surprised by the utter tat that occasionally gets sent our way. With our new bi-annual compilation looming and my increased work hours, I’ve been well and truly revelling in really brilliant work from really brilliant artists. Not only does it make my job easier, but this new flood of ear porn has awakened the songwriting bug in me, which has laid largely dormant since I left university two (TWO?!) years ago. All I want to do right now is lock myself away in my bedroom with my boyfriends pilfered pedals at my feet, coffee brewed, Logic Pro open and ready to be fully abused by my out of practise hands – it’s just irony (is it? I’m still not entirely clear on what irony is) that this feeling has been reignited just when I have started working full time. I’m sure I can make it work somehow – and it’s true that being busy makes you more productive. In the spirit of brilliant music from brilliant artists, today’s Track Of The Day is a cheeky little slice of indie goodness from Boston band People Like You. taken from their upcoming album ‘Verve‘, ‘Thumbnail‘ is an amalgamation of meandering indie guitar lines and the confessional songwriting of early emo bands like Pavement, with trumpets and punk inspired drums thrown in for good measure. Awkward teenage angst and adult songwriting come together to create a track that straddles the indie and the jazz worlds, but retains that unpretentious DIY feel that we all know and love. Enjoy.

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