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Sheron ‘Small Life’

I am so happy that it’s raining today. As much as I was enjoying the warm weather, it’s been unbearably hot on the tube/everywhere, so a cooling off period is much appreciated. Plus, it means I can finally wear some comfy clothes (read: boyfriend’s shirt and sneakers) and feel all cute and cosy and shit. London doesn’t deal well with heat – give me 40 degrees in Italy over 30 degrees in London any day; it’s just so claustrophobic and sweaty here. However, London does rain better than anywhere, with puddles and colourful parkas and wet dogs, and the heavy hanging clouds add a sort of romantic hazy sheen to the city skyline. Well, I think so anyway – I’m sure many would disagree. So, today’s Track Of The Day is the perfect rainy day song, from elusive New York singer-songwriter Sheron, who has just released a new EP entitled ‘Small Life‘. Combining the folk narrative style of Sufjan Stevens and the vocal fragility of Perfume Genius, the EP’s title track is particularly striking, examining both the dramatic, and the mundane aspects of a relationship. Furthering this dichotomy is the contrast between the gently strummed guitar and the sweeping strings that add a cinematic feel to the track – light and dark, heaven and earth, dream and reality all in perfect harmony. Enjoy.

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