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Omar Apollo ‘ugotme’

People often say that if you find yourself waiting for a bus for a long time, you can almost guarantee that three will come along at once. That a watched kettle never boils. Good things come to those who wait. I’ve spent a long time since leaving university not really knowing what I want to do with my life (spoiler alert: I still don’t really know), meandering between part time gigs and freelance roles, always bemoaning the fact that I could never seem to land that elusive ‘9-5’ like other adults in my situation. This can be largely attributed to my unwillingness to do anything that required waitressing, or shop work, or customer service (which I realise is an indication of my privilege as someone who has a parental safety net to fall back into). As my partner took on an intense Master’s course, I began to fill my days with borderline obsessive cleaning schedules, becoming a reluctant housewife, complaining about doing the washing up so often, but knowing deep down that I would be lost without my routine. Weeks turned into months, and suddenly it had been two years since I graduated, and I was still holding out for something to give me purpose beyond hoovering my flat within an inch of its life every day – and suddenly without warning, work is busy, I’m here everyday, and I feel like I have a reason to get up in the morning (beside feeding my kitty). We all like to moan about work – we spend most our waking life here after all – but spend time without it, and you will quickly realise how much we need routine in our lives to function. It feels good to be busy. I’m sure next week I will be complaining about it, but right now, it is filling a hole in my life that desperately needed filling – despite the warm weather today making me sluggish and wanting to spend the whole day in the park. So, I’m going to try to bring a little of that sunshine inside with the latest release from mysterious lo-fi RnB man Omar Apollo. ‘ugotme‘ is a bluesy slow-jam made for lazy summer days, with glitchy jazz guitars and distorted beats providing a dreamy cushion for Apollo’s cascading vocal. Glitchy digital disturbance adds textural interest and provides a hazy veneer of hauntological nostalgia to the track – for you loved up kids out there, this is pretty good make out music – plus sticking this on will make your paramour think you’re well hip. Just saying.

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