Passion Pusher ‘My Guy’

I have a new favourite TV show and its name is Glow. I am someone who your mother would describe as having ‘square eyes’ and my literary icon is Mike Teavee – I love nothing more than losing myself in episode after episode of something gripping. So whilst binge-watching TV series is nothing new to me, I am totally and irrevocably hooked to Glow in a way I haven’t been since Orange Is The New Black started. Another Netflix Original from the makers of OITNB, the show is set in 1980’s Los Angeles, following struggling actress Ruth as she embarks on a style of acting she never imagined possible. Tired of the same old reductive secretary/wife roles relegated to women actors, she auditions for a women’s wrestling show, and finds herself immersed in a culture totally alien to her. Similar to OITNB is the show’s navigation of the comedy/drama genre, as is the investment in multi-dimensional character storylines – yet, at 30 minutes per episode, it is extremely easy to watch (and binge). Plus, the costumes are fantastic; high cut swimsuits, leg-warmers, neon, and teased fringes galore – after all, it’s not known as the decade style forgot for no reason – then again, give me a pair of legwarmers over a Tumblr choker any day. Nostalgia for a time you never experienced is a funny thing, which I think James Gage of Passion Pusher knows all too well judging from his charmingly retro video for single ‘My Guy‘, taken from his new album ‘Aquarium‘. Inspired by ‘your uncle’s dodgy holiday slideshow’, the video sees James take an adventure around Warsaw with the help of his trusty Steady Cam. Set against a backdrop of scuzzy guitar and lo fi drums, Gage’s carefree vocal is elevated to a  reverb-drenched punk wail as the track builds to a dizzying climax. Make sure to binge on the new album at least as much as you binge on Netflix. Enjoy.

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