Gabrielle Current ‘B&W’

My dog had a checkup at the vet the other day. She’s a 12 year old golden retriever – a little flabby, a little stiff in the hips, but otherwise in good health for her age. She’s also the best dog I have ever met in my life, and I’m not just saying that because she’s mine – everybody agrees that she is remarkably docile and friendly. She never barks, at people or at other dogs, carries her ‘babies’ (teddies to you and me) softly in her mouth, and is so affectionate you could easily leave her alone in a room with a newborn, safe in the knowledge that the baby would be safe in her big yellow presence. Recently however, her behaviour has been different. She’s been crying, and has become very protective of her ‘babies’, barking when other dogs try to play with them. She’s been agitated, and looks a little fatter than usual – which is understandable of course; who among us can really say that we don’t get a little fatter and a little more grumpy as we age? We thought nothing of it until the vet suggested that she could be experiencing a ‘phantom pregnancy’. What the hell? Does she really believe she’s going to pop out some puppies in the next few weeks? Well no, she doesn’t actually understand what’s going on, it’s just that her body is preparing for a pregnancy that doesn’t really exist…which is so sad when you think about it! And cute! Heart-achingly cute! I’m secretly hoping that she will in fact have some puppies, either by virgin birth or as a result of a secret night life we know nothing about. My dog enjoys listening to music, whether it’s the radio or her big sister (me) plonking away at the piano, so I’ve selected something I think she would find calming at this time of strife. ‘B&W‘ is the new single from LA’s Gabrielle Current, and boy is it chill. With lighter than air falsetto vocals, darkly indulgent synths and wistful jazz saxophone runs, this RnB tinged jam is the perfect soundtrack to kitchen slow-dances and long night drives. Enjoy.

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