Cowtown ‘Tweak’

Who gets the flu in summer? Me apparently. I am dosed up on a potent cocktail of lemsip (blackcurrant, obviously) and ibruprofen, and trying to battle my way through my work like the trooper I am – or at least pretend to be on days like these. Being ill really sucks. People often say that it takes having a cold to remind you of how good it is to breathe through your nose, and over the past few days I have found myself yearning for those heady carefree days of unencumbered taste and smell. I was in Southampton for most of this week, so had to travel back to London yesterday, which was quite frankly, only marginally better than the mythical hell bound boat ride through the River Styx. Two train journeys and a white knuckle ride on the tube are not ideal pastimes for someone who is on death’s door. Anyway, I am doing all I can today to perk myself up, which is why today’s Track Of The Day is ‘Tweak‘ from Leeds noise-smiths Cowtown, a jaunty little number that dares you not to get up and dance around. With riotous guitars, punk inspired vocals, and drums that are pummelled into oblivion, this is possibly the best track to stick on if you need a little get up and go on a slow Thursday afternoon. Enjoy.

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