Crumb ‘Plants’

It’s been a strange and sort of stressful week, so I’m glad to spending the next few days in Southampton with my fam and my dog. They’re actually living at my Nan’s house at the moment whilst they are waiting to make the big move to Italy, so things are a little cramped to say the least. Even so, I’m happy to be here, with plenty of time to walk the dogs, watch TV, and have a bath (that last one sounds weird, but I haven’t lived in a house with a bathtub for ages now, and I really appreciate a long soak under the bubbles). In the spirit of relaxation, today’s Track Of The Day is a chilled out little number from Boston-based bad Crumb, whose latest EP ‘Locket‘ is setting tastemaker tongues wagging, particularly in response to the first track ‘Plants‘. Featuring eerie diminished 7th chords in softly strummed guitar and brushed percussion, the track is a sumptuous combination of louche indie rock and melodic jazz, with lead singer Lila Ramani’s laid back vocal cascading with both ease and elegance. Adding a little psychedelia to proceedings are the warbling synths that swim in and out of focus, yo-yoing between foggy jazz surrealism and pop crystal clearness. Enjoy.

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