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So, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium is hiring. For those that don’t know, Lady Dinah’s is a cat cafe in Shoreditch, which I somehow still haven’t visited. Cat cafes originated in Taiwan, but truly took off in Japan, where they became a cultural phenomenon and tourist destination, before (as most Japanese crazes do) arriving in the UK in the last few years. People love them because they are able to interact with cats in a sort of ‘pet rental’ setup, however, numerous charities have spoken out against the cafes, citing the containment of so many cats in one area with a revolving guest list as a potential cause of stress for the pets. Not all charities take this view however, with many applauding the role of cat cafes in rehousing homeless cats, and from what I’ve heard, Lady Dinah’s is an example of ‘one of the good ones’. Am I ready to give up my music industry career for a life of serving tea in the company of kitties? I’m not sure about that one, and in any case, I actually applied for a job there about 5 years ago when they opened and was sadly unsuccessful. Either way, if there are any cat lovers out there, please do apply in my place and let me live my dreams out vicariously through you. There’s really no way I can think of to segue elegantly into my pick for today’s Track Of The Day, so here it is; ‘Reach Out’ is the new single from Nigerian born, New York based artist TOULOUSE. Showcasing his proclivity for singing, composing, and music production, the track features soul infused vocals set against a backdrop of sparse electronic beats and warm synths, with inspired digital flourishes adding a futuristic touch to the track. Enjoy.

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