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Breakfast MUFF ‘Babyboomers’

Don’t you just hate babyboomers? Not as individuals no, because most of our parents are babyboomers. But as a collective, they are just fucking awful. Let me explain why. Firstly, they pillaged the planet with the kind of gleeful abandon of a fat kid in a sweet shop – and because of this, in fifty years you, me, and the last polar bear will be clinging to an iceberg in the middle of the Atlantic as it slowly melts away and Kent disappears under the English Channel. Secondly, they borrowed all the money so now there isn’t any for us. At least I think that’s what The Big Short was saying. Thirdly, they keep voting for the Tories which is terrible for obvious reasons (and if you’re not sure why, it was their bright idea to relax ‘over the top’ ‘elf n safety laws, which is why 79 people died in a fire last week. Just saying). Fourthly (is that right? fourthly?), they voted for Brexit so now we’re gonna have to wait a long time to get through customs on our holibobs. So, if you hate babyboomers (except for your mummies and daddies obviously), check out the latest single ‘Babyboomers‘ from punk inspired trio Breakfast MUFF. Self-described as ‘like Hole, but funnier’, the band’s newest release is raucous, energetic, and full of millennial rage as they chant ‘pick up the gun, I’ll shoot you first’, against a backdrop of scuzzy guitar and breakneck drums. Enjoy.

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