WILLIAM. ‘Blindside’

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s really hot. In reality, there’s no way you hadn’t noticed, because everyone and their nan is moaning about it as if they had forgotten how readily they complained about the wet weather, the mild weather, the cold weather…just the weather. It’s true that we are a nation of moaners, but I really can’t find any reason to complain about the sunshine – except perhaps if you’re stuck in the hellfire of public transport. I took the train yesterday to head down to the pool, and accidentally chose the one carriage in which the air conditioning had broken down. I looked around and saw many pale sweaty faces, looking mildly ill as they stared down at their Kindles, occasionally stopping to peel their drenched shirt-clad backs from their seats. Luckily, I was only on the train for five minutes, which isn’t quite enough time to succumb to that level of heat-induced anguish, but I did feel for them (not in the literal sense; sweaty business men are something I tend to avoid), and that brief journey into the pits of hell was more than enough encouragement to jump into the pool at the first opportunity. In the spirit of keeping cool, today’s Track Of The Day is the exclusive premiere of ‘Blindside’, the new single from unbearably cool London musician WILLIAM. Having locked himself away in his bedroom studio in pursuit of his debut EP (to be released later this year), the multi-instrumentalist has crafted a unique soundworld composed of haunting vocals, frenzied guitar riffs, and pounding beats. ‘Blindside’ sees WILLIAM. blend pop songwriting sparkle with indie rock haze and hip-hop rhythms, creating a captivating four minutes of noise and emotion that is sure to chill you out in the warm weather. Enjoy.

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