Voyages ‘I’m So Scared Of Losing That I Fail To Even Start’

Finding motivation is a big issue for me in my day to day life. Sticking to a schedule helps – I wake up, drink a coffee, take the cat out for some fresh air, and clean the flat. And just like that, its 12, and the whole day is stretching out ahead of me aside from a few hours set aside to work. A lot of people would kill for this kind of freedom, and you’d think it would be particularly attractive to a musician – all that time to write, mess around, experiment. Sadly, the freedom of so much time has the complete opposite effect on me; instead of using my time productively, I avoid doing anything creative at all, so frightened am I of failure that I fill the day with walking around supermarkets, drinking coffee after coffee, working, cooking, and occasionally exercising. There is always some imagined reason why I can’t start composing, or even mess around on my piano beyond playing from sheet music. When I was at university and relatively busy, I would come home from lectures, head to work for the afternoon, and record a song in the evening; after all, if the song turned out to be dogshit, I could at least say it was a rushed effort. I have always wondered if I am an imposter in this respect, but today’s Track Of The Day proves that everyone feels the fear of failure from time to time. ‘I’m So Scared Of Losing That I Fail To Even Start’ is the debut single from Voyages, the pseudonym of singer songwriter and one-third of The Family Rain, William Walter. Featuring detuned synth drones and loosely played drums, the track is a mixture of psychedelic Beatles-style Brit Pop and 50’s rock n roll ballad, with a good measure of Artic Monkeys thrown into the mix. Vocals are drenched in dreamy chorus, and the distorted guitar gives the track an indie rock edge whilst the dissonant synths whine and wail throughout that hooky chorus – all in all, an intriguing listen. Enjoy.

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