Dewey ‘Loch Linnhe’

I went for the most relaxing swim yesterday. There’s an outdoor lido near where I live, and the warm weather seemed like the perfect excuse to cool off in the heated (but not warm by any means) pool. It’s located in the centre of a park in High Wycombe, and with the balmy weather comes the newly hatched ducklings and goslings, swimming in formation behind their mothers who shoot over protective glances as I walk past. Dark shadowy figures dance in the water’s depths; carp basking in the sunlight and coming up to feed on pieces of bread discarded by the ducks. Goslings, soft and grey like little rainclouds waddle after their parents as they search the grass for food. Thousands of tadpoles dart around the surface of the river – soon they will become frogs and leave the water in search of a new home – if paradise existed, this is what it would look like; a thriving river on a summer’s day. I headed to pool and got in, gingerly at first as I braced against the cool water lapping around my thighs, before swimming twenty-one unhurried lengths as children screamed and laughed in the kid’s pool next door. I always feel slightly self conscious as I swim past the lifeguard, as if I’m somehow swimming in the wrong way, and I wonder if they are secretly laughing at me, but it doesn’t put me off. It would take a lot to put me off such a perfect, relaxing experience. I’m by no means an accomplished swimmer, but I would define myself as something of a water baby. Any stretch of water, whether it be river, lake, or pond at a golf course is viewed as an open invitation to jump in, despite the potential physical and social consequences. In other words, I LOVE SWIMMING. Staying on the theme of water, today’s Track Of The Day is ‘Loch Lynne’, the debut single from London based vocalist, instrumentalist, and producer Dewey. Recorded after a trip to the Loch in Western Scotland, the track is composed of frenetic guitar, bolstered by sparkly pop drums and intuitive vocal harmony and trippy synths. The vocals are what truly shine in this single – exuberant, light, and completely unselfconscious. Perfect listening for a poolside break.

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