Best Friend ‘Full Colour’

I don’t know about the rest of you lot, wherever you may be, but last night in Beaconsfield we had the mother of all rain storms. It was just relentless; hours of driving rain, big fat droplets that soon flooded the street, occasionally morphing into little rock hard pellets of hail that assaulted my windows (and the poor people walking below). It’s just so much colder than it was last week – but I am fully pretending that we are still basking in summer weather today, which is not too difficult considering the sunshine that’s streaming through my blinds. I’ve decided to take the plunge (lol) and finally get myself down to the lido for a very refreshing swim in the great outdoors. On my way there I’ll be listening to ‘Full Colour‘, the latest offering from cosmic hip-hop production trio Best Friend, who are famed for sampling old vinyls and Youtube videos to make their collage-style creations. With summery string flourishes and masterfully sampled vocals, ethereal harp samples add a sense of playfulness to the piece, whilst delicate percussion provides movement and textural interest. Dreamy and scenic, you can’t help but feel summery when listening to this incredibly soothing track. Enjoy.

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