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Bok Bok ‘Island Hopping’

I slept in very late today – by grown up standards anyway. It wasn’t quite the 4pm vampiric awakening of my student days, but still, something about sleeping in till 11 is so shameful nowadays – perhaps it’s a sign that I am maturing into a fully fledged human being. Our society is facing somewhat of sleep epidemic, with nearly half of us getting six hours or less per night, a far cry from the recommended eight. Not to mention the politics surrounding sleep, as we humblebrag to our friend and colleagues about how little we need to sleep (and therefore our efficiency) – no wonder when we read reports of successful CEO’s getting by on 4 hours or less per night and workplaces are increasingly requiring their staff to stay ‘switched on’ out of hours. It’s almost as if we measure our self worth by how late we stay up working and how early we get into office the next morning, which I absolutely don’t buy. I love sleeping. I love it so much. I’m actually tearing up thinking about my bed right now. Before I dive head first into my duvet I need to go on a cleaning rampage around my flat, and while I do I will be listening to the latest offering, ‘Island Hopping‘ ,from Bok Bok, AKA producer Alex Sushon and founder of record label Night Slugs. With stop-start rhythms, glitchy video-game inspired synths, and ‘raw 12-bit samples’, this repetitive track is textural enough to keep you on your toes, and rhythmic enough to get you moving. Summery and energizing, it’s the perfect music to get you through a cleaning sesh. Enjoy.

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