Annie Hart ‘Hard To Be Still’

It’s bloody cold today. And windy. It seems like only yesterday I was jumping into golf course ponds to cool off from the sun’s warming rays (which is apparently frowned upon – fuck you Tory golfers, bask in my lily-white limbs as I besmirch your carefully manicured views). I tried to go swimming in an actual pool this weekend, to find that the local lido closes at 12pm – considering I am usually still rubbing crusty little gobbets of sleep dust out of my eyes at this time, this was hardly ideal, and I missed the slot. I went shopping instead, soothing my defeat with racks upon racks of Zara goodies. It’s taken me a while to work up the courage to go swimming alone, and there’s nothing more irritating than committing to exercise only to be told you can’t do it. It took a great deal of bravery to consign to baring my sun starved legs to the world, cellulite, veins, and all, but my love of swimming helped me to overcome my fear of other people (gag) seeing my body in public. My brand new sporty swimsuit is still lying unused in my sock drawer, tags still on in grim defiance. Next weekend perhaps. I’m going to stop moaning about my thwarted weekend plans now, as it’s time to deliver you today’s Track Of The Day, which comes from Annie Hart, of synthpop trio Au Revoir Simone. Having just announced her upcoming debut solo album ‘Impossible Accomplice‘ Hart has shared a first glimpse of the release with her latest single ‘Hard To Be Still’. With grating lo-fi synths, driving drum machine beats, and sugary pop vocals, ‘Hard To Be Still’ is a love song with all the trappings of synthpop danceability. Enjoy.

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