Cecilia Ebba ‘Sweet Summer Wine’

It’s pretty unusual for me to go to non-work related gigs these days, but last night I made an exception and went down to The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington to see Hers play, supported by recently featured duo Hobby Club. Performances from both bands were fantastic (and I’m not just saying that because I know them), and it was probably one of the sweatiest gigs I’ve been too in a long time. Despite the undeniable brilliance of the bands, I found it difficult to get into the music because my back was absolutely killing me, and my feet were basically on fire. Does anyone else struggle to stand up for long periods of time at gigs? I feel like most people welcome long sets from bands they love, but to be honest, after 40 minutes I just want a sit down and a cuppa. Does that make me old? I’m only 23 I promise! Doing yoga has helped my aches and pains immensely, and I really can’t get enough of it. I love contorting myself into weird and wonderful poses, hands clasped to my third eye as I utter a blissful ‘namaste’ to my Youtube guru – I think I need to go to India to find myself (no YOU’RE culturally appropriative). In the spirit of peaceful enlightenment, Today’s Track Of The Day is a serene debut single ‘Sweet Summer Wine’ from London based songwriter Cecilia Ebba. Hailing from Northern Sweden, the bedroom artist interweaves gently plucked guitar and subtly driving percussion with her soft vocal, with reversed guitar providing textural interest. Folk inspired cadences give the track a summery feel, although this is late night summer listening, not beach party listening. Enjoy.

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