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Hobby Club ‘Bedroom’

Hooray for sunny Fridays, ripe with the promise of a post-work beer and a long bank holiday weekend. For those of you languishing in non air-conditioned offices, rejoice, for there are only 3 hours left in the working day (if you work regular hours) and at least 5 hours left of sunshine. You do the math(s). Anyway, whether you’re working, pretending to work, or getting your tan on, today’s Track Of The Day is sure to improve your afternoon by at least 100%. We are very pleased to premiere the latest single ‘Bedroom’ from London two-piece jangle pop band Hobby Club. Formed and cultivated in a bedroom in Brixton, Hobby Club have reined in their eclectic influences ranging from Orange Juice to 80’s children’s TV theme songs in order to craft a unique sound for themselves. Currently based in London, Beth Truscott and Joe Rose hail from the small towns of Redhill and Barrow-in-Furness respectively and buoyed from the momentum of recent live performances, Hobby Club have decided to release their debut single for the world to hear. With cascading Smiths-inspired guitar riffs and melodic light-than-air lyrics, this is an essential listen for sunny afternoons. Enjoy.

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