Alcordo ‘No Good’

It’s soooo warm today. It doesn’t seem possible that this time last week I was shivering in a winter coat, taking shelter in shop doorways from coastal wind and rain. A lot of people bemoan warm weather, cursing summer’s sweaty sleepless nights, lethargic afternoon slumps, and oppressively muggy evenings, but I find it completely energising. There’s nothing more encouraging than the sun streaming through your blinds in the morning – and I have found myself waking earlier and earlier this week as a result. This can only be a good thing for someone who rarely wakes before 10.30 unless absolutely necessary. In fact, this morning I woke up a full hour before my alarm went off, coaxed into consciousness by a combination of the sun, my cat’s miaows from the end of the bed, and a recurring shoulder injury that makes sleep near impossible in the mornings. Instead of the usual panic rush to inhale a coffee and slap some makeup on my face, this morning I lay there in the quiet thinking about the day ahead, cat nestled beside me on my pillow. I even left my house with plenty of time to catch the train, eschewing the usual cramming of body parts between the closing doors and grumpy commuters. So I’m feeling pretty zen today, which is why I’m listening to ‘No Good‘, the latest single from Ontario singer songwriter Alcordo. Featuring summery jazz flute (trust me, it works) and gentle synth chords, the soul inspired soundscape provides the perfect base for velvety RnB vocals to take centre stage. Perfect listening for a sunny day – enjoy.

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