Real Life Buildings ‘Tare’

Day four of the cat’s internment in my tiny flat, and I think she’s starting to go a bit stir crazy. She’s used to being outside most of the time, and even though she spends a lot of that time asleep under a bush in my parents’ front garden, I think she is feeling a little caged in. Of course I would let her roam freely if we had a garden, but we live on a busy main road with no green spaces in the immediate area. So, this morning I walked down to the local pet shop to buy her a cat harness so I can walk her like a dog on a lead. I know that I’m venturing dangerously close to crazy cat lady territory, but what else can I do? As I handed over my money, the nice man at the counter gave me a pitying look as if to say ‘you are really wasting your money‘. He may be right – I tried to put the harness on the cat when I got home and she writhed around like a weird little furry snake, belly low to the ground and paws swiping at the air around her. So, not a roaring success. I’m hopeful still; only time will tell if the draw of the outdoors (and some tactical treats) will prove a reward large enough to tempt her into her strange little bondage outfit. I’m kind of hoping that blasting out the new EP ‘Significant Weather‘ from indie rock band Real Life Buildings will have a calming effect on her – because it certainly is working on me. I’m particularly into ‘Tare’, a track full of self conscious self examination, with wry lyrics delivered in lead singer Matthew van Asselt’s characteristic languid drawl. Subtle instrumentation gives way to wailing garage rock guitars, fuzzy drum riffs, and off kilter hooks as the sophisticated songwriting cements Real Life Buildings‘ place within the long established tradition of great New York garage bands.

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