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Basement Revolver ‘Johnny Pt. 2’

Followers of our Facebook page will know that we spent the weekend at the mighty Great Escape festival in Brighton running a stage with Southern Comfort and Reverb Nation, which went really well if I may say so myself. Lots of people came, the bands were great, and everyone had a wonderful time. Whilst most of the KM team stayed in Brighton for the remainder of the festival, I elected to get the Gatwick express home on the Friday night, because I had a busy weekend ahead. On Sunday, my family came to visit, and brought with them a little furry lodger called Ethel, who is staying with me for the next two months while my family are moving house. She has actually settled in remarkably well, considering she is being kept indoors and has about half the space to roam now – this may be because I am making a big fuss of her, buying her fresh meat (we are a non-meat household as well!) and toys to keep her occupied. She is currently curled up on my bed fast asleep, so I’m trying not to disturb her with my music, which is proving difficult when it’s as good a Basement Revolver’s latest single ‘Johnny Pt.2‘. With their second EP out in June, the Ontario band’s new track is all about heartache, crafted with an overwhelming sense of defeat, loss, and most importantly, acceptance. With pounding drums providing a cardiac rhythm throughout and shoegaze style guitars wrapped in layers of reverb and noise, lead singer Chrisy Hurn’s languishing vocal totally embodies long nights spent pining at the bedroom window.

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