Soccer Mommy ‘Out Worn’

Olivia here. It’s been raining heavily here since early this morning. I love this weather so much – I’m sat at my desk just listening to the sound of the rain tapping against my windows, which is incidentally giving them a much-needed clean (a bird shat on my bedroom window recently, right above my bed). This kind of weather makes it okay to stay in all day, pottering around the flat, cooking, drinking coffee (and very occasionally working), with no social expectation to go outside and do things. It makes it okay for me to sit at my piano and hash out the same songs for hours at a time – I’m currently learning Fur Elise (I know I’m such a basic bitch). My boyfriend always laughs at me when I play it for him, because of my tendency to rush through the song at 100 mph, making mistakes, tripping over keys, and pausing for long periods of time while I try to remember the next bit. So, my aim is to play it slowly but correctly from now on, without trying to show off. We will see how that goes. Anyway, I have stumbled upon the perfect song to listen to on a rainy day like today, in the shape of ‘Out Worn‘ by Soccer Mommy, pseudonym of songwriter Sophie Allison. Diehard fans of the blog will know that we featured her a couple of months ago, but the nineteen year old musician’s latest offering was just too good to pass up for the sake of ‘variety‘. Featuring jangly guitar laden in grungy chorus, angelic synth drones, and surf rock inspired chord progressions, the track reflects on the conflict between the desire for male validation, and its rejection. Equal parts sweet love song and massive F U, Allison’s butter-wouldn’t-melt vocal provides the perfect contrast to her defiant lyrics. Enjoy.

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