Doghouse Charlie ‘Party Song’

Olivia here. I love Eurovision. So so much. It has become a bit of an event in our household…well as much of an event as two adults drinking dangerously sugary cocktails and hysterically shouting ‘AZERBAIJAN’ in a weird ‘generic European’ accent at the TV can really be an event. For those of you that aren’t aware, it was Portugal that took home the coveted glass trophy, with Salvador Sobral winning the world over with his faltering vocal and nuanced performance. Perhaps the sweetest moment of the night was when he invited his sister, and writer of the winning song, Luisa to sing the victor’s reprise with him – she nailed it. I can’t remember such a Euro-tearjerker since Conchita Wurst’s glorious win a few years ago. All in all, we had a bit of a party that night, so carrying on the festive theme is today’s Track Of The Day: the aptly named ‘Party Song‘, the latest single from Pennsylvania band Doghouse Charlie. Featuring country inspired guitar riffs and folky vocals, the track is wrapped in a buzzy lo-fi sound world, with woolly drums carrying everything along. The jovial style, almost reminiscent of a nursery rhyme, eventually breaks down into chaotic noise, with dissonant effect-heavy guitar washing away any semblance of structure, with only that hazy percussion to add definition to the earthy soundscape. If you could capture a get together with friends in sound, it would be this – welcoming, warm, but ultimately becoming hazier and hazier as the night wears on. Enjoy.

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