Girl Ray ‘Preacher’

Olivia here. Dedicated readers of this blog will know that my family is moving to Italy this summer – my parents, my brother, my dog, and my cat are all off to sunnier climes. Whilst they are in the process of moving, I have a little furry lodger coming to stay with me…Ethel the cat! As you can tell, I’m extremely happy about this. She was a present for my tenth birthday, and we were pretty inseparable throughout my childhood, sleeping on my pillow most nights and climbing on the roof outside my bedroom window to miaow through the glass. I’m really glad I’ll have the next couple of months to spend time with her before she moves away…now to get my landlord to let my golden retriever to come and stay…it’s a work in progress. Anyway, to bolster my good mood, I’m listening to one of my favourite artists, Girl Ray, who have just released their highly anticipated album ‘Earl Grey‘. Particularly good is new single ‘Preacher‘, which sees the band explore a folkier sound whilst retaining the slacker vibe that has garnered so much critical acclaim up until now. With characteristic softly sung vocals, melodic guitar riffs, saloon style piano, and subtle organ-like synths, this is sure to be just as big a hit as ‘Stupid Things‘. Enjoy.

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