Peaness ‘Same Place’

Olivia here. There was a fair in Beaconsfield yesterday. It was SHIT! Anyone who comes from a small town will know how terrible small town fairs are, and this was no exception. Full of screaming kids, morose teenagers, and thumping dance music coming from the rickety looking rides. When we arrived, my boyfriend looked rather crestfallen; I think he had imagined a rather classy bijou market type affair, considering we are living in a Tory stronghold where the average house price is fast approaching a very reasonable one mil. In fact, that was the one good thing about the fair – it probably pissed off a lot of Tories who didn’t appreciate caravans pitching up on their village green. Swings and roundabouts innit. In the spirit of summer fun, today’s Track Of The Day is some breezy indie pop courtesy of Chester band Peaness (yes you read that correctly). Their latest EP ‘Are You Sure‘ is out now, and I’m particularly digging ‘Same Place‘, a track full to the brim with wall-to-wall harmonies, indie guitar and bass riffs in playing in counterpoint, and unaffected drum beats. Fun, energetic, and totally evocative of seaside adventures, this is the perfect song to carry you into the summer.

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