See Through Dresses ‘Pretty Police’

Olivia here. I’ve shied away from talking politics on this blog for the last few weeks, mainly because I don’t want to bore you guys with my views. However, the upcoming general election has somewhat forced my hand, as I believe having any kind of platform to speak your mind comes with an inherent responsibility to use it for good. In this case, I equate ‘good’ with the potential of convincing even one person to go out and vote Labour, or even to go out and vote at all. There are many reasons why I will be voting for Labour in the election, but today I would like to focus on one: animal welfare. It has been well documented in the last few days that Theresa May will attempt to repeal the fox hunting ban through a free vote should she be elected (don’t forget she has never actually been elected as Prime Minister) on the 8th June, a law that has banned the use of a pack of dogs to kill foxes under the guise of ‘tradition’. Is this really a person who should be in charge of a country? Someone who endorses the torture of small animals? Someone who actively supports the act of foxes being ripped limb by limb by dogs forced to run for miles in its pursuit? Say what you want about Jeremy Corbyn, but at least he’s not a murderous arsehole, and if you don’t want defenceless animals to die painful, fearful deaths, vote for him in June. Anyway, back to the real purpose of this blog, which is to seek out the very best new music – which comes today in the form of dream pop band See Through Dresses, whose latest release ‘Pretty Police‘ is already setting tastemaker tongues wagging. Wrapped in swathes of gauzy reverb, hazy guitars trip over delicate riffs as shuffling dance-inspired drums keep the track moving through its dreamy soundscape. Lead singer Sara Bertuldo’s vocal merges into the sound world with an almost synth-like quality, with enough resonance to navigate the emotionally charged lyrics, in a way that’s reminiscent of great dream pop bands like Asobi Seksu – essential listening for such a sunny day. Enjoy.

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