Jerry Williams ‘I’m Not In Love With You’

Olivia here. Hands up – how many of you have become very drunk playing ‘Ring Of Fire’? If your hands are sitting resolutely at your sides, allow me to explain this institution of British culture. ‘Ring Of Fire’ is a drinking game, in which a ring of playing cards are placed around an empty glass – when it is your turn, you take a card, and depending on the number you draw, will complete an alcohol related forfeit (for example, you drink, everyone drinks, all the girls drink, all the boys drink etc). If you pick up a King, you must pour a little of your drink into the empty glass in the middle. Soon the glass becomes filled with a noxious cocktail of beer, spirits, wine, and mixers, AKA ‘the dirty pint’, which one unlucky player must drink at the end of the game. I spent many nights as a student playing this game, usually with the same crowd – somehow it didn’t become boring. When my partner and I were in the early stages of our relationship, our ‘dates’ always seemed to revolve around a drinking game like this – which I recommend wholeheartedly, given the truth-serum like properties of the dirty pint. This approach however, doesn’t seem to work for Jerry Williams, the indie pop singer-songwriter from Portsmouth (wheeeyyyy). Catch her this month at Closeup Festival on the 13th May. In her latest single, ‘I’m Not In Love With You‘, the songstress bemoans her less than passionate paramour, whose lack of interest becomes clear over a game of Ring Of Fire. Candid lyrics sung in her sugary vocal are offset by jangly guitar and pounding drums, creating a melodramatic atmosphere that harks back to the pop ballads of the sixties. Romantic and blunt in equal measure, Williams cries out for ‘the love you see on TV screens‘ – poor Jerry, perhaps a student house party isn’t the place to be looking for romance. Then again, it might work. After all, it did for me. Enjoy.

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