The Bulletproof Bomb ‘Millennial Moaning/Generation Me’

Olivia here. Last night I watched a film I have been dying to see for ages, Battle Royalea Japanese horror/action film set in a dystopian future where school classmates are selected by the government to fight to the death until only one survivor remains. Think Hunger Games, but not watered down for young audiences (the influence this film had on The Hunger Games and films like Kill Bill is immeasurable). I loved it – it was suspenseful, full of dark humour and socio-political innuendo, with lashings of cartoon style gore (consider yourself warned if you’re of a sensitive disposition – go and watch La La Land or something). At the time of its release, the film aroused international controversy, not only due to its gratuitous depictions of violence, but also due to socio-political interpretations of the film’s meaning. Whilst some have interpreted it as a comment on the rather unique economic situation in Japan at the time, others have linked it to broader connotations of the generational divide between adults and children, and their attitudes towards each other. Which brings me nicely on to today’s Track Of The Day (and our second collaboration with Closeup Festival), ‘Millennial Moaning/Generation Me‘ from The Bulletproof Bomb. In ‘Millennial Me‘, the band explore the political discontent of youth, and their inability (or unwillingness) to do anything about it. As the track segues into ‘Generation Me‘, the music takes an altogether more punk inspired turn, as lead singer Joel Douglas examines social media and the resulting narcissistic qualities of our generation. As he begins listing off internet tropes (My Little Pony, it’s dat boi oh shit waddup, etc.), wailing guitars respond by upping the intensity, as does the tight rhythm section, building to a frenetic and raucous finish. Now excuse me while I take a selfie.

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