EKKAH ‘Can’t Give It Up’

Olivia here. Happy Bank Holiday everyone – it’s a bit of a miserable one where I am. It’s been raining on and off since last night, so no beer gardens for us today. Although thinking about it, I’m glad of the break from drinking. It’s not as if I drink a lot, it’s more a case of drinking a little bit everyday for the last three or four days… Anyway, today marks the first day of our Track Of The Day takeover with CloseUp Promotions, who have very kindly provided us with with tracks from the best acts of CloseUp Festival (13th May at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen if you’re interested). First up this week is ‘Can’t Give It Up‘ from achingly cool duo EKKAH, whose unique brand of effortless disco-tinged pop has made a big impact on music lovers everywhere, not least through their energetic live show. With funk inspired guitar, falsetto vocals, and insatiable hooks, this track is fun, danceable, and a total earworm. Check out the colourful video, featuring male pin ups and some very enthusiastic dancing. Enjoy.

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