Steady Holiday ‘More Than One Way’

Olivia here. I’m feeling pretty tired today – a running theme as of late, which I think is due to coming off my iron tablets. I’m iron deficient, which manifests itself as tiredness, heart palpitations, and skin roughly the same hue as a glass of watered down milk. I stopped taking my tablets because quite frankly they are disgusting; big brown things that smell like decomposing cheese and taste like old grass – and for a couple of months, I felt completely fine. My raconteur attitude to my health has caught up with me however, meaning that last night I fell asleep at 8pm and woke up two hours later…just in time for bed. A heady mix of exhaustion, disturbed sleep, and a well-meaning but iron low vegetarian diet has left me feeling less human, more laundry pile, desperate to be locked away in a warm dark drawer somewhere and left alone for a good 24 hours to convalesce. Sadly, life goes on, and naps are slightly frowned upon in the working world, so I’m trying to ease my discomfort with that universal soother, music. Taking the edge of today, is ‘More Than One Way‘ from Steady Holiday, AKA LA songwriter Dre Babinski. Built upon a base of sultry base lines and jangly guitar, the track evokes a sense of the ’60’s ballad’ with dramatic strings underpinning the whole track. Electronic flourishes complement Babinski’s coquettish, louche vocal as she navigates the lush soundscape with style. It’s not quite an afternoon spent under your duvet, but it’s the closest thing to it. Enjoy.

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