Honey Lung ‘Sophomore’

Olivia here. Yesterday I attended a workshop orchestrated by AIM, on public speaking for women. It took place at the PRS For Music’s swanky London offices, in an illustrious area of King’s Cross that is also home to Universal Music and Google’s new London HQ. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly intimidated as I walked through the expansive glass doors and into the tastefully decorated reception – I’d come down with a crippling case of ‘imposter syndrome’, something that the workshop looked to address. Despite being completely special and unique, it actually turns out that the majority of the large congregation of women in the room felt exactly the same way – that they didn’t deserve the positions they worked so hard to get to, that despite their education and experience, they weren’t experts in their fields. Which is obviously bullshit. None of these women were any less qualified than their male counterparts, yet they were routinely not going for the same opportunities – the reasons for which will have to be left for another blog post (spoiler: it’s the patriarchy wooo). Anyway, I found the workshop immensely helpful – even if I never take part in a panel discussion or give a speech, I at least can say to myself that I deserve to be doing my job and actually believe it. So, today’s Track Of The Day is an atmospheric piece of shoegaze from London post-grunge quartet Honey Lung, with their new single ‘Sophomore‘. All about ‘depending on your friends’ the track features guitars in dissonant, distortion-heavy chaos, and simple synth riffs playing in tandem with lead singer Jamie Batten’s raw vocal. Heady and electrifying, you can catch the band live tomorrow at this month’s Good Karma Club at The Islington, London. Enjoy.

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