Phoenix & The Flower Girl ‘Baby’s Breath’

Olivia here. I’m always on the search for my next podcast obsession, something I have found in ‘S-Town’, from the makers of Serial and This American Life. It is absolutely brilliant, and as The Guardian put it, ‘it’s hard to remember a more touching and devastating podcast’. The story centres around producer and reporter Brian Reed, who, after receiving a mysterious email from a John B McLemore detailing a murder in the sleepy Alabama town of Woodstock, decides to investigate with the help of John. When he makes the long journey from New York to the deep South, Reed finds that the supposed murder is not the most fascinating part of this story; rather, it is John, a horologist (clock restorer to you and me) with a hatred of his home, which he refers to as ‘Shit Town’. As the investigation progresses, the two develop a close relationship, with John sharing his various conspiracy theories and general exasperation with the human race and our relationship with the environment. I’m only halfway through the series (so no spoilers please!), but I am completely and irreversibly hooked – much like I am hooked to today’s Track Of The Day from duo Phoenix & The Flower Girl, an audio visual duo who’s latest EP ‘Greenhouse‘ examines ‘the cultivation and exhibition of plants under controlled conditions, relating to us as a species’. Spending their time flitting between Tokyo and London, one track that particularly stands out from the duo’s offering is ‘Baby’s Breath‘, featuring New Jersey artist Ehiorobo. With grainy percussion, reverb heavy keys, and childlike chimes, the track features sultry vocals in singer Phoenix’s silky baritone – perfectly set against the more chaotic production elements. Immersive and futuristic, I couldn’t recommend this track, and the rest of the EP more. Check out the video below:

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