Monico Blonde ‘Love Is An Only Child’

Olivia here. It’s no big secret that music tastes can be divisive at the best of times. At no time is this more relevant than at school, where music tastes often dictate which social groups you belong to – whether you align yourself with the ‘preppy kids’, the goths, the ‘moshers’, or the nerds. Declaring your music tastes at this age is like announcing your identity to the world; who you are, what you believe in, which values you hold dearly. Musical rivalries also play their part in identity – any British teenager in the 90’s will know that choosing between Blur and Oasis was as important as choosing a political party – which is something Welsh indie band Monico Blonde know all too well. Following a heated debate in the summer of 2016 over whether Michael Jackson or Prince was the superior artist, they found that the couldn’t come to a definitive conclusion; but they did however, start a band. Since then the four-piece have gone from strength to strength, culminating in their latest release ‘Love Is An Only Child‘. Built on a foundation of off-kilter synths and drum machines, this 80’s flavoured track gives way to insatiable guitar riffs and a chorus you won’t be able to help but sing along to. Accompanying the single is a brilliant new video, showcasing the moves you need to dance along to this energetic little number- check it out below.

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