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Camp Howard ‘Juice’

Olivia here. I’m on a bit of a health kick currently, determined to achieve inner peace and outer fabulousness through the medium of exercise. Specifically, workout videos to be copied in the comfort of my own home (I’m not yet tanned and toned enough to brave the streets in lycra). I have to say, it’s going surprisingly well – my tolerance for high impact cardio sessions has increased from a measly 10 minutes to 40 minutes, and my walk between underground platforms is considerably less sweaty these days. But what I’m really digging at the moment is yoga. I’m already pretty flexible as it is (lying my calves on the floor behind my head in a kind of malformed backwards roll is a favourite party trick), but have always suffered with joint pain. My mum often suggests it’s due to being born premature – 5 weeks to be precise – therefore, in her words, ‘I wasn’t done cooking’. Anyway, it’s doing wonders for my various niggles and ailments, and after each session I genuinely feel a few inches taller (crucial if you’re very short like me). It’s also a wonderful way to boost your mood if you’re feeling sluggish or foggy-minded. If any of you are tempted to try yoga after my glowing review, I have the perfect music to gently ease yourself back into the real post-stretch world, courtesy of Virginia four-piece Camp Howard, who have just released a playful new single called ‘Juice‘. Built upon layers of rhythmic bass riffs and swirling guitars, the band infuse the indie pop song structure with tension-building stop/starts and a subtly building sound world. Adding a dreamy layer to the track are the gauzy vocal harmonies that float amidst the pulsating rhythm section, providing a perfect mixture of reverb heavy haze and metrical solidity. Enjoy.

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