Anneka ‘Life Force’

Olivia here. The four day weekend completely passed me by, mainly because I spent it recovering from some Megabus induced lurgy, crawling morosely from bed to sofa, and back again. Easter came and went without any fanfare and the most action I got up to on the Bank Holiday was some very gentle yoga in my front room. Happily, I’m finally feeling better, so whilst many of you will be feeling a little hungover and perhaps a little down at the prospect of returning to work, I am full of beans today (quite literally, as I am vegetarian and poor). So without further ado, in the spirit of renewed energy today’s Track Of The Day is ‘Life Force‘, the new single from Brighton based songwriter and visual artist Anneka. Featuring haunting call and response vocals in dissonant harmony, the track plays more like a soundscape than a traditional pop song. Fluttering synth percussion adds textural depth and a healthy dose of tension, with video game inspired arpeggios cascading beneath the almost ecclesiastical vocals. Expressive, and more than a little creepy with lyrics like ‘give me your flesh‘, this is a track you absolutely must listen to with headphones to fully appreciate. Enjoy.

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