Hazel English ‘More Like You’

Olivia here. I’m now back in the glorious South. The first day of our Cumbrian holiday was spent walking around Elterwater, a picturesque lake surrounded by rolling hills and conveniently located holiday cottages. I’ve never seen so many sheep in one place; literally every field was full, some with the season’s new lambs, kicking their legs and bleating for their mothers. Of course I tried to pet the sheep, but they ran off as soon as I got close. I also tried to feed some cows, waving a wad of grass in their direction. The young calves initially started walking over, only to be reprimanded by their wise old mothers – after all, a child should never take food from a stranger. A day spent walking amongst the sheep and the hills and the holiday cottages practically cries out for some gentle, dreamy indie pop to encourage the journey along, which we have today courtesy of California songwriter Hazel English, with her new single ‘More Like You‘. With cascading guitar riffs, English’s laid back multi-tracked vocal, and hazy synths bouncing around in the background, listening to this track is a journey in itself, and so easy to lose yourself within. Enjoy.

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