Percolator ‘Crab Supernova’

Olivia here. Once again I am writing today’s blog post in advance, and I am currently halfway through my journey to The North, where the air is brisk and the teas are plentiful. Mercifully, our coach has stopped for a 45 minute ‘comfort break’ somewhere near Wolverhampton, and though I can’t say I’m exactly comfortable, the chance to stretch my legs is very much appreciated. As I’m sat writing this, I’m staring out the window at a woman smoking a cigarette – well, not so much smoking it as she is chewing it, thrusting nearly the entire length into her mouth and smacking her lips around it like a bulldog chewing a wasp. It’s gruesomely fascinating, and I just cannot tear my eyes away from this strange display, much like people who slow down when driving past car accidents. It’s funny, the kind of thing that captures your attention when you’re bored. Much like yesterday, I’ve been looking for some good travelling music to make the trip more bearable, which happily I have found in ‘Crab Supernova’, the new single from Dublin based shoegaze band Percolator. With fuzzy guitars, dreamy synths, and a refreshingly clean vocal from singer and drummer Eleanor Myler, this track has both the rhythmic intensity and textural interest to get you through even the longest of trips.

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