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PREMIERE: GØSPEL ‘Your Thoughts’

Olivia here. I’m going to hold my hands up and say it – I watch A LOT of Made In Chelsea. I know, I know. I just can’t help myself. You’d think that someone who has often been described as ‘so leftie you’re basically a Communist’ wouldn’t enjoy watching the luxurious lives of the bourgeoisie on the telly every Monday night, but then again, you wouldn’t think Donald Trump could be president a few years ago (so there). I like watching the pretty young things from Chelsea going on holidays to tropical islands every other week and doing their grocery shopping in Harrods, but strip away the glitz and glamour, jet-setting and ballgowns, and you essentially have a real life version of Eastenders, set on the other side of London.What is so striking, is how terrible they ALL are at communicating with each other. I’m genuinely yet to witness a truly healthy relationship on the show – they are always marred by accusations of flirting, or cheating, or saying nasty things behind the other person’s back – all things which would be easily remedied by open, honest communication. This is something that London duo GØSPEL know all too well, as demonstrated by their latest single Your Thoughts from their new EP ‘Bodies‘, which tackles misunderstanding in relationships. Formed by Beth Anderton-Allen and Chris Willsher, the duo’s latest release signals a move away from their more balladic past, and a new venture into upbeat electro-pop, with brooding synths, energetic percussion, and cascading bass lines. Husky vocals courtesy of Allen (who has understandably been compared to Stevie Nicks) soar above the electronic mix, adding an emotional intensity to the track, as chattering synth arpeggios and oscillating bass drones combine create a constantly shifting sound world. Raw, energetic, and evocative, ‘Your Thoughts‘ is the perfect dream-pop track to dance away your communication frustrations. Enjoy.

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