Liana Bank$ ‘Ghost’

Olivia here. Turns out going vegan isn’t that easy, even if you are a long term vegetarian (who knew). I never considered myself a big consumer of dairy products, but it turns out the sneaky little buggers are hiding in everything (whey protein I’m looking at you). It’s also really easy to forget about the whole lifestyle change thing – I ordered a coffee yesterday without even thinking. I guess for now, I’m looking at a ‘flegan’ diet, i.e. a ‘flexible vegan’ diet, whereby I try my best not to consume any animal products, however, if someone invites me round their house for dinner, I’m not gonna be a dick and turn my nose up at a meal that contains a little milk – cooking for vegetarians seems to be a massive stretch for meat-eaters, let’s not confuse them any more than necessary. I’d love to go full on hardcore, militant vegan in the future, when I have a little more money to spend on dairy alternatives, nutritional yeast, and hemp clothes. To ease my very guilty conscience, I’m making homemade pesto today sans the parmesan. It’s the little things you know. Speaking of the little things, today’s Track Of The Day is all about the details, slight lags in a drumbeat, samples in the background, and tight vocal harmonies; ‘Ghost‘ is the new single from New York’s Liana Bank$, the lime green haired musician taking the alternative RnB world by storm. Taken from her upcoming ATP 210 EP, ‘Ghost‘ is a shuffling freestyle, supported by haunting vibraphone in an almost bossanova rhythm, with lagging beats, and spooky vocal harmony. Ingenious samples of social media notifications are woven into the mix as she sings about floating up to a party, ‘causing a commotion’ and then leaving as quickly as she turned up – like a ghost. Enjoy.

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