Los Angeles Police Department ‘If I Lied’

Olivia here. I’m sad today because my laptop is on the fritz. It shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing as I’ve had it for five years now, but its slow march towards digital death feels like I’m losing a friend. It was a present for my 18th birthday, a shiny silver Macbook Pro just like the ones I’d seen on the adverts – it was perfect, and new, and all mine. I’d never had my own laptop before. It represented a weird kind of autonomy for me, and it became the tool I used for most things, from essay writing to talking to friends online. During my time at university, my laptop became an instrument, capable of creating sounds as haunting and beautiful as any analogue instrument. It didn’t come with the baggage that regular instruments have; anyone can teach themselves to produce, to sample, to chop and screw beats. I’m writing now on that same laptop, saving my work every few minutes in case it turns itself off without warning, as it has been doing since yesterday. Maybe it’s time for me to start embracing the analogue. In that spirit, here is some truly analogue music courtesy of Los Angeles Police Department, AKA Ryan Pollie, who has dropped the new single ‘If I Lied‘, ahead of the release of a new self-titled album later this month. Fragile vocals are enveloped by gently strummed guitar and simple percussion, giving a sense of vulnerability akin to artists like Connor Oberst and Sufjan Stevens. Even if your laptop isn’t on its last legs, unplug, unwind, and immerse yourself in this subtle acoustic track. Enjoy.

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