Kwaye ‘Cool Kids’

Olivia here. I’ve recently been reading ‘Darkness Visible: A Memoir Of Madness’ by US writer William Styron, detailing his descent into depression and recovery. Consisting of anecdote, reflection, and speculation, Styron draws comparisons between his mental health struggles, and those of other writers, including Randall Jarrett, who sadly committed suicide (something which was always denied by his widow). Having recently become teetotal following a lengthy dependence on alcohol, Styron found his mental state deteriorating, not least due to the careless prescription of sleeping pills and antidepressants by his doctors. One of the most striking things about Styron’s account of his illness, is his acknowledgment that he didn’t adhere to the textbook definition of a depressed person – contrary to most people’s experience he found his mood became worse as the day progressed (whereas most people with depression find that they feel worst in the mornings). It’s important that as a society we recognise that mental health issues may not always present in the way that we would expect, with many people with mental illness falling into the category of ‘high functioning’, meaning that they are able to go about their normal life without their symptoms becoming visible to others. This of course doesn’t mean that these people are not suffering – it’s just that they are able to mask it well. Anyway, I would definitely recommend the book to anyone who has an interest in mental health and particularly in mood disorders. So, after a rather gloomy blog post, I’m going to liven things up a little with some super summery pop courtesy of rising star Kwaye, who has recently released a colourful new video for his single ‘Cool Kids’. Full to the brim with 80’s style synths in chorus heavy dissonance, this track is danceable and energetic, showcasing Kwaye’s affected vocal harmony and propensity for writing intricate and textured music. Synth slides and jangly guitar throw a summery vibe into the mix, which will no doubt make this track a popular choice for pool party DJ’s from LA to London. Check out the cool new video below:

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