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Soccer Mommy ‘Be Seeing You’

Olivia here. It’s sunny! It’s warm! Praise be. It’s a genuinely beautiful day, and judging from the bees swerving past my window, spring is officially here. It’s hard to feel anything but joy on a day like today. it’s energising – it’s a day for sweating through workouts, eating avocados, and sipping coffee in the sun, knowing that sundown won’t arrive for a good five hours yet. Which is why I cannot understand why people would knowingly be arseholes on days like today. Why reverse down the road in your sports car in a fit of road rage at the guy who just cut you off when you could be sailing with the roof down to the beach? Why argue abut whose turn it is to make tea when you could be having an engaging conversation over a steaming brew? Why put your cardboard in the rubbish bin when you could recycle it and save the world? Why send a rude and unwarranted email to a stranger when you could be kind and respectful to others? (I admit this last one is slightly personal) I’ve recently spoken about the merits of being kind to each other, and until people stop being arseholes, I’m afraid I won’t be letting up. Just be nice! How hard is it? Life is too short for micro-aggressions, passive-aggression and aggression-aggression – we all have a finite amount of time on the planet, so let’s all try not to be arseholes. Anyway, I have a wonderfully summery piece of lo fi indie pop for you today, courtesy of NYC artist Soccer Mommy. ‘Be Seeing You‘ is a track about the fear of losing someone important, and the feelings of insecurity and sadness that come about when relationships fall into turmoil. Gently strumming guitar laden with dreamy 7th chords are the perfect base for Sophie Allison’s vocal to swim lazily above, with crashing cymbal heavy drums upping the emotional ante. According to the band’s Bandcamp, the track was written for someone called Julian – whoever he is he should count himself lucky to be the muse for such honest and endearing songwriting.

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