BALAM ACAB ‘In Church’

Olivia here. I’ve had a lot of time on my hands recently, so I’ve been playing the piano a lot more often than usual. Being largely self taught, I can muddle through a few pieces, and my sight reading is passable, but my technique leaves a lot to be desired. So I decided to take it back to basics, learning a few simple classical (with a small ‘c’) pieces, in an effort to retrain myself; my ability to play the piano is mainly based on my aptitude for chord playing – and without being able to rely on this, I start to find things difficult. A Baroque minuet for example, often has single notes in the left hand, which I find far more difficult to play than a piece with arpeggios or chords in their place. There’s no purpose to this retraining. I’m not a professional musician, and my own songwriting rarely requires more than very basic piano playing. It’s just something I’m doing for myself…and for my other half who complains that I always play the same songs over and over again (Walking In The Air, O Holy Night, and Clair De Lune if you must know). In the spirit of reworking things, today’s Track Of The Day is a piece of experimental music, using the sounds of a church to create a stunning piece of music. ‘In Church‘ was released by BALAM ACAB, an ambient instrumental project from Alec Koone, who originally recorded the track under a different project, Etherea. Beginning with the sound of church bells, the sample is chopped, screwed, sliced, and repurposed to create a hypnotising melodic motif. The layering of sample on sample creates textural and rhythmic interest, proving that, in the right hands, the simplest sound can be reworked into something truly beautiful.

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